Hello and welcome. I am Georgy, currently the Manager of the list of REVISE volunteers.

There is no joining/subscription fee to be part of this list. If you have no liking for the outback, this is not for you. If you need 5* accommodation, this is not for you either.
If, however, you enjoy adventures and are able to deal with whatever the situation throws at you, read on.

We respond to requests from the supervisors of the School of the Air students who are doing their schooling over the Internet. We don’t plan/write/choose the lessons. This is all done by the class teacher at the School of the Air. Usually we are dealing with the Port Augusta SOTA and our job is to supervise the lessons which are sent out weekly. Assessment is not our job either unless specifically asked to do it by the teacher concerned.

Because we respond to requests, there is no knowing where or how often a placement will be needed. When I receive a request, I email the teachers on the list and see who is available for the period requested. Some terms we have a couple of requests, sometimes we have lots (one term we had 11). If you are interested in the placement and available for the period requested, you respond to the REVISE email and if there is more than one teacher offering, I sort it out.

We receive fuel reimbursement which usually covers our fuel bill. A 4wd is not always required but is certainly an asset,  it is important to take the weather into account though.

Accommodation and all meals are supplied by the station concerned. I have been in a separate bedroom in the main homestead, in a separate house nearby the homestead and even in a separate room in the shearers quarters. Usually we are sharing a bathroom unless we are in a separate house, but we always find our accommodation and facilities clean and comfortable. Meals are usually eaten with the family. This can be altered to suit but the evening meal is a time to join in and have a chat about the day with the family.

The families are ever thankful, the students love a change in the schoolroom and your input to their learning journey will be appreciated.

Still interested? Get in touch, to find out more and wait for your adventure to begin.