Sometimes a different face, with a different approach can make a difference.
We are able to release or work with the regular supervisor (parent, governess). We are all volunteers and receive no payment for our work, BUT, we do receive reimbursement for fuel and a portion of this is requested from the station being visited. It is worked out on the distance to be travelled and you will be advised of your share before the placement begins.
We (some may come with a husband/wife/partner) need a private room with a bed and bed linen. All meals need to be provided but while breakfast and lunch arrangements may vary, the evening meal is eaten with the family. We are all experienced, professional (and not so young ) people. We are usually ready to join in and help with chores but housework or childminding outside of school hours should not be expected. Some couples are both teachers, but a non-teaching husband/wife/partner may offer to get involved around the station with activities with which they feel comfortable, particularly if they have skills which could be useful.
Please appreciate we are not all available all of the time as we have families/friends/commitments to consider. It is very unusual that no-one is able to respond as we have quite a list of teachers from which to choose. We try to match the available teacher(s) to the year level and assistance requested. We put you in touch with the REVISE teacher who would be coming so you can have a chat. SOTA will be given the dates of your visit and the REVISE teacher should have contacted the class teacher(s) involved in case they have any specific instructions. We all have the appropriate Screening Check. All placement requests MUST be made through the Manager and NOT with individual teachers, and the approptiate form will be sent out to you.
If you would like more information or a visit for any reason at all, someone to share the teaching load maybe or just to give you a break, get in touch.